Educator + Performer = Eduformer*


Miss  Valerie  Parker

For the love of Little Ones of ALL ages:

whether your Little Ones are your children, your students, your pets, or your SELF you’re (re)discovering through recovery work or a spiritual journey.

I share my insights because learning and teaching are integrally linked. I believe that Silence is Violence. If I see and hear a problem, how can I NOT speak up and warn others?! 

🙈🙉🙊 Miss Valerie Parker (they/she), Eduformer*

“You speak in rhymes like Dr. Seuss to say truths like Dr. Jung”

said an anonymous audience member about “The Ghost Game” poem at Magic Theater Poetry Reading

“Your songs remind me of Phoebe’s songs from Friends: they’re simple yet profound, with different levels of interpretation, and sometimes inappropriate but in such an innocent and naive way.”

said Swan Bay of Swan Bay Rock after listening in a community song circle.


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