Educator + Performer = Eduformer*

Support Miss Valerie Parker’s Mission

For the love of Little Ones of ALL ages:

whether your Little Ones are your children, your students, your pets, or your SELF you’re (re)discovering through recovery work or a spiritual journey.

People keep asking how they can support me in this mission.

(A strategic teacher of mine told me to automate any answers to questions that I receive repeatedly)

Activism is based on building awareness and asking for support. I’m learning to ask for the support that I need to do the work that I believe in. 

The type of support depends upon the time, energy, experience, expertise, and resources that you have at your disposal. I urge you to check in with yourself in choosing the level of support that feels in alignment for you. Feel into your heart about what you’re grateful for first before choosing what to offer: 

☆ Goal #1: DONE! $180 for a Masterclass membership to learn Activism from Roxane Gay and Environmentalism from Jane Goodall  

☆ Goal #2: DONE! $599 for a Trauma Awareness Training to learn body self-soothing and co-regulation techniques to use with coaching clients and design instructional materials for people of ALL ages.

☆ Goal #3: $707 (25,000 baht) to renew my 1-year volunteer visa and work permit in Thailand to continue working with local refugee families   to continue my activism volunteer work as an advocate for a group of families from Myanmar to get them enrolled in school, teach them weekly lessons, and organize and coach volunteers with Open Heart Share-ity. Contribute to the fund: 


Goal #4: $316 (10,290 baht) for shipping for my 100% upcycled collaborative art project Healing HeArts about survival stories of violence

Healing HeArts is a collaborative art project that took a year. 26 people tied our broken hearts together and shared survivor stories of experience, strength, and hope. It is 100% upcycled rubbish found on the beach/bins to make 15 strands of a bead curtain with a rainbow HeArt pattern, which is how I imagine healing to look. It went to exhibition at Earth Body Blood Water in Vietnam in March an exhibition about exploring the connection between violence against women and violence against the environment. #ConversationChangesEverything because we can only find solutions for things that we can talk about.

☆ My creativity is primarily fueled by the cooling bubbles of soda water, but I also love herbal teas, green smoothies, kombucha, red wine, beer, …) Sit down to watch and read my offerings of inspiration with your favorite drink in hand and buy one for me to enjoy with you.


☆Help advertise/build a following by liking, commenting, and sharing posts and following me to increase engagement and keep things more visible on social media

☆ To engage in conversations about this work. I have created a Facebook group MVP’s Creative (Re)Discovery

☆ Give specific feedback about WHY you’re grateful or what you enjoyed most about a piece or any other constructive feedback

☆Help me understand a relevant point of view by sharing your story through an interview 

☆Directly connect me with relevant people who are willing to collaborate and be interviewed (survivors of child sexual experiences, family members of survivors especially parents, people who have committed sexual abuse, pedophiles, investigators, therapists, child protective services, counselors, support group facilitators, …)

☆Help me find a digital illustrator and/or videographer who wants to collaborate.

☆Directly connect me with relevant research materials 

  • Books and digital books (I’m addicted to audiobooks and listen to research on repeat). My current wishlist contains: the 7 books of the Shubert Series by Dr Becky Bailey, the Book of Human Emotion by Tiffany Watt Smith, Duped by Timothy R. Levine, Eve Ensler’s The Apology, Kaizen by Masaaki Imai, and Tom Zuba’s Permission to Mourn.

☆Buy me educational opportunities and supplies for teaching

☆Give financial support for publication submissions fees ($3-25 for each literary magazine and poetry contest) to get published and increase my audience


☆Help emotionally support me in this challenging work through hugs, words of affirmation, and thoughtful gestures because sometimes it feels like too much to handle all alone. 

☆Support an entrepreneurial venture (workshops, Tarot, toys, jewelry-making, performance, etc) through purchases or attendance.

See the full list of offerings at 

☆Help advertise an entrepreneurial venture with a video testimonial, photograph, and/or written review on social media.

☆Want to support me some other way? Just ask. I’m VERY open to conversations and collaboration.

🙉🙈🙊💗Miss Valerie Parker, Eduformer 


*Eduformer is an activist who hopes to inspire through performance, arts, and writing. It is a portmanteau of the words ‘educator’ and ‘performer’ invented by Valerie.

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